Thursday, 17 May 2018

Connecting Traditions with Science: 4. Barna

English name: Garlic pear tree, Caper tree
Hindi names: Barna, Barni, Varuna
Scientific name: Crateva adansonii subsp. odora    Family: Capparaceae

There is a popular saying in Bilaspur area that:

जिस्दे अँगना बर्ना
तिसो कजो डरना

(One who has Barna in front of his house need not to fear. Here fear
represents the fear of evil spirits and black magic)

Sacred Uses:
Barna is considered sacred throughout India. It is planted in front of houses to get rid of evil spirits and black magic. It is considered to bring prosperity.

Medicinal Uses:
Barna has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, lithontriptic and demulcent properties.
It is also considered useful in urinary tract infections, pain and burning sensation during urination. It helps in removal of renal calculi.

Indian Postal Stamp on Barna Tree

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